Wi-Fi Hunter

A powerful, phone-based toolkit for WiFi connection manipulation and analysis.

Designed for

  • TSCM teams
  • Cyber security departments


Manipulate, analyze, and extract intelligence from Wi-Fi networks with a single smartphone-based device – Wi-Fi Hunter. The built-in, advanced detection algorithms allow cybersecurity teams to proactively detect any intrusion attempts into their network or presence of Wi-Fi monitoring systems and, subsequently, localize it. Wi-Fi Hunter’s ability to detect and locate hidden access points or Wi-Fi enabled devices will benefit TSCM teams. The built-in deauthentication capability prevents Wi-Fi devices from using the selected Wi-Fi network. It can be useful whether the target is an unwanted intruder into your network, or you are looking to block him from using Wi-Fi to intercept his communications via another channel (such as cellular). Wi-Fi Hunter also provides deeper insights into the surrounding Wi-Fi landscape – it collects detailed information about all Wi-Fi enabled devices in proximity, as well as handshakes and probe requests.


  • Displays all access points, including hidden
  • Displays all Wi-Fi enabled devices regardless if they are connected to any access point or not
  • Locates access points and clients with pinpoint accuracy
  • Detects 4 attack types:
    • KRACK attack
    • WPS bruteforce attack
    • Massive deauthentication (clients are force disconnected from their access points)
    • Password bruteforcing (attacker manually tries to identify password to an access point)
  • Deauthentication of clients from access points
  • Collects handshakes and probe requests
  • Supports traffic recording in .pcap file

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